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Our Peckham Rye Is The London Loaf 2012 « Hand to Mouth | A Blog About Food

Our Peckham Rye Is The London Loaf 2012


So it’s been a couple of months since I darkened your doorways with a post, so I thought I should come out of hiding.

Brick House has become so all consuming that I barely have time to sleep, let alone keep up with blogging, but I thought I should drop a quick one (so to speak) to let those who don’t know already, that we won the London Loaf 2012!

Peckham Rye

It’s still a bit of a shock, but we’re hugely proud, and extremely grateful to everyone who voted for us and supported us since we opened. We’d also like to say biggguppp to The Real Bread Campaign & The Jellied Eel who ran the competition, and the judges for the final, Lucas Hollweg, Diana Henry & Victoria Stewart.

If you want to see how it all went down, including a hugely slick little video interview with yours truly, click here. If not, we just wanted to say thanks.

Since the win, there’s been lots going on. We’re having all sorts of interesting conversations with people, looking at how we can move the business forward, updating the website and so on, and we hope to share some of this soon.

So until then…

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  1. gwynfor howells says:

    And rightly so! Amazing stuff.

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